series Moving Column Type 5-Axis Profile Machine Center
  • Dual electronic servo preload rack and pinion system.
  • Rapid feed 60000MM / MIN.
  • Fixed base column moving.
  • Direct-drive motor two-axis milling head.
  • Multiple gantries.
  • Double Column 8 Axis CNC.
Fixed table

Each side using two high rigidity linear guideways (X axis of 4), very stable and high accuracy.

Dual electronic servo preload rack and pinion system.

X-axis driven by rack and pinion system, with electronic backlash eliminating technology. By combining a high-grade decelerator with a high accuracy rack and pinion drive, this provides high precision, no backlash, low noise, low maintenance, and extended service life.

Direct-drive motor two-axis milling head.
  • Modular design:easy maintenance-<TCH-20>.
  • Fewer parts(reduce gear / belt)
  • Free of wear due to friction free drive concept.
  • Simple structure / long-term accuracy / easy maintenance
  • Symmetric “open frame” innovative design made in GGG40 nodular cast iron for head.
  • Double row crossed roller bearing support achieving excellent rigidity and accuracy for B/C axis.
  • Using high‐resolution, high‐precision encoder for B/C axis.
  • Specifications
  • Machine Layout
  • Working Area
Machine series JET
Specifications Unit JET-3 JET-5
Gantry ea
1 2 or more
X-axis mm 8000 / 15000 / or more
Y-axis mm 1000 1300
Z-axis mm 700 760
Distance from spindle nose to table mm 100~800 -110~650
Distance between columns mm 1000 1300
Table length mm 8000/15000 or more
Table width mm 750
T-slot size mm 22
Max. Table loading kg/㎡ 300
Feed rate
X/Y/Z-axis rapid feed rate m/min 60/60/40
Automatic tool changer HSK A63
Tool magazine capacity pc 20 or more
Max. tool length mm 100
Max. tool dimensions mm Ø63
Max. tool weight(per piece) kg 7
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  JET-3 JET-5
L X-axis travel +3080 X-axis travel +3850
W 5000 5000
H 4400 4995
Milling head
Milling Head (B&C Axis) Torque motor driver   TCH-20(A63)
Rotation speed B &C Rpm(360°/S) 50/50
Max. torque: B &C Nm 1400/1300
Clamping torque: B &C Nm 4000/4000
Measuring resolution B &C Arc.sec ±3/±3
Rotation angle B&C +/- 100/240
Tool Shank   HSK A63
Max. Speed rpm 24,000
Spindle Power S1-100% (S6-40%) kw 42(55)
Spindle Torque S1-100% (S6-40%) Nm 67(87)
Milling Head (B&C Axis) Torque motor driver   TCH-L13
Rotation speed B &C Rpm(360°/S) 50/50
Max. torque: B &C Nm 312 / 447
Clamping torque: B &C Nm 2000/2000
Measuring resolution B &C Arc.sec ±3/±3
Rotation angle B&C +/- ± 100∘/ ±240∘
Tool Shank   HSK A63
Max. Speed rpm 20,000
Spindle Power S1-100% (S6-40%) kw 25 (22)
Spindle Torque S1-100% (S6-40%) Nm 32 (28)
VS-20 (For jet3)
Spindle   VS-20
Spindle taper   HSK A-63
Spindle speed rpm 24000
Spindle power S1-100% (S6-40%) kW 18(23)
Spindle torqueS1-100% (S6-40%) Nm 29(37)
  • Standard Accessories
  • Option Accessories
  1. HEIDENHAIN TNC-640 controllers (X, Y, Z, B, C-five-axis Continuous).
  2. HEIDENHAIN Handwheel –HR550.
  3. Europe imported modular 2-axis milling head.
  4. European system of vertical spindle HSK A-63 24000RPM
  5. HSK A-63 20 tools magazine
  6. Double Column 8 Axis CNC
  7. X axis rack and pinion drive
  8. Y -axis servo motor direct driven ball screw
  9. Z-axis Servo motor driven screw nut
  10. High-speed ball screw
  11. 8 roller linear guideways (X axis total 4, Y/Z axis each 2)
  12. 3 HEIDENHAIN linear scale (X/Y/Z axis each1)
  13. Electrical cabinet temperature control device
  14. X / Y /Z motor cooler
  15. The spindle cooler
  16. Spindle oil mist lubrication system
  17. Spiral-type chip conveyor and rear-type chip conveyor containing iron filings cars each 1 style
  18. Front and rear working door safety interlock (each type)
  19. Waterproof work said light
  20. Machine all parts and a variety of instrumentation unit of measurement used in all meta International System of Units (SI) standards.
  21. Guards complete workspace security concept, according to ISO 12100-1 & -2 1992.
  22. Electrical cabinet with a variety of electrical protection, filtration and ventilation installations and air-conditioning systems.
  23. Machine standard color
  1. SIEMENS 840D CNC control.
  2. Laser tool measuring system.
  3. Touch probe for workpiece measuring.
  4. Coolant through spindle ( CTS ) 30 bar.
  5. Transformer
  6. Voltage stabilizer.