series Horizontal 5-Axis Machining Center
  • Cross beam moves up and down, milling optimal rigidity
  • One Piece H Type Column
  • Direct-drive motor two-axis milling head.
  • Short Throat Depth Tilting Milling Head

Z-Axis Design with Vertically
Traversable Crossbeam

Z-axis motion is controlled by a traversable crossbeam with vertical up and down movement. The spindle (Z-axis) movement is in the same direction as the machine crossbeam movement and precision machining quality is ensured along the whole of the Z-axis travel whether the cutting tool is close or far from the worktable. Additionally, the vertical and horizontal double-frame structure design increases rigidity, reduces vibrations, and provides machining stability.

For structural rigidity and constant precision along the entire Z-axis vertical stroke.

300rpm Turning Functions
  • Direct-drive motor for high speed, high torque, high precision.
  • Eliminate worm and gear wear, and wear of other components.
  • No backlash and low wear design for long-lasting accuracy.
  • Simple structure for easy maintenance.

Spindle Speed

  • Specifications
  • Machine Layout
Model Unit Rhino-1250 Rhino-1700 Rhino-2200
X-Axis (Table Forward/Backward) mm 2200
Y-Axis (Spindle Head Travel Right/Left) mm 2350
Z-Axis (Spindle Head Travel Up/Down) mm 1400
Distance between (B-Axis= +0°) Spindle End and Table Center (X-Axis at Home) mm 1071
Distance between B-Axis Rotation Center and Table Center (X-Axis at -End) mm 593
Distance between B-Axis Rotation Center and Table Center (X-Axis at -Home) mm 1607
Distance between Spindle End and Table Center (B-Axis = +90°)(X-Axis at Home) mm 1292
Distance between Spindle End and Table Top Face (B-Axis = +90°)(Z-Axis at Home) mm 1400
Rotary Table (B-Axis)
Rotary Table Dimensions mm Ø1250 Ø1700 Ø2200
Max. Workpiece Diameter mm Ø2000 Ø2200 Ø2400
T-Slot Size mm 22
Rotary Table Minimum Scale deg 0.001
Rotating Angle (Continuous) deg 360°
Rotating Speed rpm 20
Rotating Speed for Vertical Lathe rpm 300
Max. Table Load for Vertical Lathe kg 1500
Rated Power Kw 45
Motor Torque S1-100% (S6-40%) Nm 4000(5200)
Brake Torque (Hydraulic) Nm 10000
Feed Rate
X/Y/Z Axis Rapid Feed Rate m/min 24/24/24
Automatic Tool Changer BT-50
Tool Magazine Capacity pc 40
Max. Tool Length mm 250
Max. Tool Dimensions mm Ø100
Max. Tool Weight per Piece kg 12


Milling head
Swing Milling Head (Gear type Continuous head)
Max. torque Nm 3000
Clamping torque (Hydraulic) Nm 4000
Angular resolution deg 0.001°/0.001°
Rotation angle deg +40°/ -120°
Tool Shank   BT-50
Max. Speed rpm 4000
Max.Spindle Power kw 46
Max.Spindle Torque Nm 1200
Milling Head (B&C Axis) Torque motor driver TCH-19(A63)
Rotation speed B &C Rpm(360°/S) 50/50
Max. torque: B &C Nm 1100 / 900
Clamping torque: B &C Nm 4000/4000
Measuring resolution B &C Arc.sec ±3/±3
Rotation angle B&C +/- ± 105°/ ±270°
Tool Shank HSK A63
Max. Speed rpm 24,000
Spindle Power S1-100% (S6-40%) kw 42(55)
Spindle Torque S1-100% (S6-40%) Nm 67(87)
  • Standard Accessories
  • Option Accessories
  1. HEIDENHAIN TNC-640 controllers X, Y, Z, A, B five-axis Continuous.
  2. HEIDENHAIN Handwheel HR-520
  3. Direct-drive motor-driven rotary table
  4. Europe mechanical Transmission swing-axis milling head
  5. European mechanical Transmission spindle BT-50 4000rpm
  6. BT-50 40 tool magazine
  7. X / Y / Z -axis use large-diameter ball screw driven
  8. 6 roller linear guideways (X/Y/Z axis each 2 by STAR) - Germany
  9. 3 HEIDENHAIN linear scale (X/Y/Z axis each1)
  10. Electrical cabinet temperature control device
  11. The spindle cooler
  12. Cutting oil-Mist device
  13. Spiral-type chip conveyor and rear-type chip conveyor containing iron filings cars each 1 style
  14. Front working door safety interlock (each type)
  15. Waterproof work said light
  16. Machine all zero, parts and a variety of instrumentation unit of measurement used in all meta International System of Units (SI) standards.
  17. Guards complete workspace security concept, according to ISO 12100-1 & -2 1992.
  18. Electrical cabinet with a variety of electrical protection, filtration and ventilation installations and air-conditioning systems.
  19. Machine standard color
  1. SIEMENS 840D CNC control.
  2. Laser tool measuring system.
  3. Touch probe for workpiece measuring.
  4. Transformer
  5. Voltage stabilizer.