Spares service

If you need to replace a part of a machine, it’s a case of time is money. That’s why KEN stocks a selection of essential spare and wearing parts that can be supplied at short notice – either on a same-day or next-day courier service. Close links with Ken’s network of suppliers ensure that spare parts can be obtained rapidly.

Maintenance & Service training

Customers who do not have their own in-house servicing capability, with all the costs that it brings, put their trust in Ken’s maintenance service. Qualified KEN staff will take over the responsibility for machine and system maintenance in line with customers’ individual requirements, thus minimizing stoppages.

Regular machine and system inspections guarantee long machine runtimes and are the best way to guard against expensive repairs. KEN staff will advise on the best inspection intervals and carry out their inspections on site with a high degree of professionalism and expertise.

Spindle service

KEN milling machines embody over 10 years of engineering knowhow and experience on which many customers from air, space, railway and automotive industries or from prototyping and toolmaking have come to depend. Expertise from one source – that’s the motto that the spindle service lives by as it repairs, maintains, tests and gets to know what makes every milling machine tick. Preventive spindle maintenance in the form of regular checks and inspections are the cornerstone for long machine runtimes and minimum stoppage.

The spindle service will check everything in a number of maintenance steps: cooling circuit, true running, bearings, feeding forces, clamp and release forces, power consumption, encoder function and tool interfaces. To ensure the quality of high-frequency milling spindles, KEN boasts a state-of-the-art spindle test stand.

Spindle store

The KEN spindle store contains spare milling spindles that are stored individually for each customer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and serviced at regular intervals. As such, spindles will always be available in an emergency and can be dispatched without delay. Spindles can be fitted by KEN personnel or sent by express mail or courier, as chosen by the customer.

Keep High accuracy for a long time

Measuring and aligning-The output of a KEN machine is only ever as good as its alignment. That’s why it’s essential to know how well adjusted your machine is in every respect. Unnecessary wear to machines, equipment and workpieces beyond their tolerances resulting from improper alignment is not only frustrating; it can also have extremely costly side effects. KEN’s service specializes in high-precision measurement and optimum alignment.Trained KEN engineers will visit the customer’s premises and investigate using high-precision measuring instruments if the quality of products leaving the machine is off target. Straightness, angularity and positioning accuracy are calculated and the results form the basis for a precise realignment of the machine. Customers who rely on this service can safely rule out nuances in machine geometry as causing wastage and therefore adding to production costs.

Recorded accuracy -It goes without saying that all measuring results are carefully logged. This means that any deviations can be analyzed in detail before deciding on what action to take.


One of the strengths of the KEN service team is that it thinks beyond remedying the immediate fault. If additional measures need to be taken, such as repair work, all the options can be discussed with us on the phone and, if necessary, put straight into action. All our services are focused on the customer and are either charged for by the hour or through a maintenance contract.