5-Axis Double Column Machine Center
• One-piece base and column with high rigidity
• X/Y-axis adopt linear motor direct-drive
• Rapid feedrate Max. 60m/min
• European torque motor direct-drive milling head & rotary working table
• Standard configure 3 HEIDENHAIN linear scale

Machine Model Unit Focus 5R
Milling Head Model

X-axis travel
Y-axis travel
mm 1,400
Z-axis travel
mm 1,000
Distance between spindle nose & table (Vertical) mm -50 ~ 950
Distance between spindle nose & table (Horizontal)
mm 295 ~ 1,295
Spindle pass table center mm 50
Distance between column mm 1,450
Working Table
Diameter mm Ø1,250 x 1,100
T-slot width mm 22
Max. rotation speed rpm


Max. rotation torque   S1-100% (S6-40%)  Nm 2900(5000)
Load kg


Workpiece Dimension

* Cutting tool length already been deducted 100mm

X/Y/Z moving speed m/min 50 / 50 / 50
Auto Tool Changer
Spindle taper type
Magazine capacity
pcs 40
Max.tool weight
kg 16
Max.tool length mm 400
Max.tool dimension mm Ø125

* The company reserves the right to change, with all the technical specifications of the contract-based technology.


Machine Model Unit Focus 5R
L (Length) mm 6,430
W (Width) mm 3,750
H (Height) mm 4,878


Torque Motor Drive Rotary Table

  • Equipped with torque motor direct drive, no gear wear, ensure permanent high precision.
  • High-rigidity & high-precision cross-roller bearings are used to ensure its accuracy and rigidity.
  • Perform five axis machining with a universal milling head.
  • The hydraulic brake system tightly locks the rotating shaft to meet the needs of heavy cutting at any position.
  • Standard HEIDENHAIN rotate encoder achieving high precision machining.
  • Built-in circulating cooling system, able to work stably for a long time.



  • HEIDENHAIN TNC-640 controllers (X, Y, Z, B, C-five-axis continuous).
  • HEIDENHAIN Handwheel–HR520.
  • Milling Head
      European torque motor milling head
      Spindle: HSK-A100 / 15,000rpm
  • 40 tools magazine(HSK-A100)
  • European torque motor rotary table.
  • X/Y-axis linear motor direct-drive
    6pcs Heavy roller linear guideway
    X/Y/Z-axis each *2
  • 3 HEIDENHAIN linear scale
    X/Y/Z-axis each *1
  • Z-axis high-speed precision ball screw
  • Electrical cabinet temperature control device(Taiwan HABOR).
  • X/Y Linear motor and milling head torque motor and spindle cooler (Taiwan HABOR).
  • Fluid flushing equipment.
  • Machine tool filter.
  • Spiral-type chip conveyor and rear-type chip conveyor containing iron filings cars each 1 style.
  • Cutting oil-mist device.
  • Full cover sheet metal.
  • Waterproof work said light.
  • Electrical cabinet with a variety of electrical protection, filtration and ventilation installations and air-conditioning systems.
  • Machine standard paint.

Option Accessories

  • Siemens 840D sl CNC panel controller
  • BLUM laser tool measuring system (Imported from Germany)
  • BLUM probe for workpiece measuring (Imported from Germany)
  • Blum form control software
  • Cooling through spindle 20/40/70 bar
  • Automatic kinematics 
  • 5-axis compensation function
  • HEIDENHAIN  wireless handwheel - HR550
  • Transformer
  • Voltage stabilizer

Milling head

Fork Type Milling Head

  • Fork type design adopt torque motor direct-drive with the high rigidity and high precision cross roller bearing, to ensure rigidity and precision.
  • High rigidity structure and high braking torque satisfy any position of the milling requirement.
  • High accuracy 0.001 degree indexing on A-axis with rotary table can achieve 5-axis machining.
  • High torque hydraulic brake system and high rigidity cross roller bearing, ensuring high precision and high rigidity.
  • Standard configuration HEIDENHAIN angle encoder to reach high precision machining.



    A-Axis Torque Motor Drive

  • No backlash, no wear and achieve long lasting accuracy
  • High-speed, high-torque, high-acceleration & high-deceleration
  • No ball screw, no worn gears, belts can be tired without easy-to-wear transmission mechanism
  • Simple structure, fast and convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost


Milling Head Model Unit
Max.rotation speed
rpm 50
Max. accerelation rad/sec²
Max.rotation torque
Nm 1,400
Continuous torque
Nm 750
Brake torque
Nm 5,000
Rotation angle
degree + 102° ~ -45°


Spindle Taper type HSK-A100
Max.rotation speed
rpm 15,000
Power S1-100% (S6-40%) kW 50(65)
Torque S1-100% (S6-40%) Nm 96(124)