H5 (Rhino1700 Standard)

European Fork Type 
Mechanical Milling Head

  • Specialized for aerospace industry, including aircraft titanium alloys, super alloy and hard-to-cut material.
  • Fork type structural design with support of bearing on both sides to provide stable cutting rigidity.
  • A-axis adopts high rigidity cross roller bearing to ensure high precision and high rigidity.
  • Simple design with low maintenance cost.
  • Equipped with inner cooling system, it can operate stably for a long time.



Milling Head Model Unit H5
Max.rotation speed
rpm 15
Max.rotation torque
Nm 3,000
Continuous torque
Nm 1,200
Brake torque
Nm 6,500
Rotation angle
degree +40° ~ -120°


Spindle Taper type BT-50
Max.rotation speed
rpm 4,000
Max.power kW 37
Max.torque Nm 1,200
Brake Torque Nm 6,500