European Milling Head

  • Fork structure design, both sides are equipped with bearing supports to provide more stable cutting rigidity.
  • Modular design, fast and convenient maintenance, reduce maintenance costs.
  • B/C axis adopt torque motor direct-drive with the high rigidity and high precision cross roller bearing, to ensure B/C axis rigidity and precision.
  • High rigidity structure and high braking torque satisfy any position of the milling requirement.
  • Simple struction and lower maintenance fee.
  • Equipped with a cooling function, it can operate stably for a long time.

    B/C-Axis Torque Motor Drive

  • No backlash, no wear and achieve long lasting accuracy
  • High-speed, high-torque, high-acceleration & high-deceleration
  • No ball screw, no worn gears, belts can be tired without easy-to-wear transmission mechanism
  • Simple structure, fast and convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost

Milling Head Model Unit TCH-25
Max.rotation speed
rpm 50
Max.rotation torque
Nm 1,450
Continuous torque
Nm 830
Brake torque
Nm 10,500
Rotation angle
degree ±115°
Max.rotation speed
Max.rotation torque
Nm 1,400
Continuous torque
Nm 800
Brake torque
Nm 5,400
Rotation angle
degree ±360°

Spindle Taper type HSK-A63
Max. rotation speed
rpm 24,000
Power S1-100% (S6-40%) kW 42(55)
Torque S1-100% (S6-40%) Nm 67(87)