Universal Milling Head

  • European torque motor drive universal milling head, it can reach the lowest horizontal machining space and the highest vertical machining space.
  • High torque mechanical transmission spindle continuous torque can meet 750Nm, specialize for hard-to-cut material.
  • With 0.001 indexing and torque motor drive rotary table, machine can achieve 5 axis simultaneously cutting.
  • A-axis adopts hydraulic brake with high torque to ensure the machining needs at any position.
  • A-axis adopts high torque hydraulic brake system and high rigidity cross roller bearing, ensuring high precision and high rigidity.
  • Standard configuration HEIDENHAIN angle encoder to reach high precision machining.
  • Equipped with inner cooling system, it can operate stably for a long time.



    A-Axis Torque Motor Drive

  • No backlash, no wear and achieve long lasting accuracy
  • High-speed, high-torque, high-acceleration & high-deceleration
  • No ball screw, no worn gears, belts can be tired without easy-to-wear transmission mechanism
  • Simple structure, fast and convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost

Milling Head Model Unit U45
Max.rotation speed
rpm 50
Max.rotation torque
Nm 2,170
Continuous torque
Nm 1,240
Brake torque
Nm 5,400
Rotation angle
degree ±180°


Spindle Taper type HSK-A100
Max.rotation speed
rpm 6,000
Power S1-100% (S6-40%) kW 45(53)
Torque S1-100% (S6-40%) Nm 400(506)


Spindle Taper type HSK-A100
Max.rotation speed
rpm 10,000
Power S1-100% (S6-40%) kW 69(86)
Torque S1-100% (S6-40%) Nm 330(415)